Knives and accessories for cheese
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    Cheese knife for promotion, blade: 10 cm, stainless steel, handle: black PP, in flow-pack

  • 513256 Cheese knife for soft...

    Cheese knife for soft cheese, blade: 15 cm, stainless steel, with holes, handle in PP, in flow-pack

  • 513251 Cheese knife two handles

    Cheese knife two handles, blade: 26 cm, stainless steel, handle in wood with rivets, total length: 52 cm, the blade is protected with a cardboard sheath and individually packaged in flow-pack.

  • 050569 Palette knife, wooden handle

    Palette knife,  handle in economic wood with rivets, blade: stainless steel, total length: 16,5 cm, in bulk pack.

  • 050572 Palette knife plastic handle

    Palette knife with plastic handle, blade: tempered stainless steel, handle: red PP, in bulk pack.

  • 0530233 Cheese knife Promo and...

    Cheese knife for Promotion, blade: 10 cm + round board in pine wood, diam.: 25 cm, thickness: 2 cm,  in shrinkwrap and bulkpack, possibility to personalize knife and board.

  • 0530234 Cheese knife for soft...

    Cheese knife for soft cheese, 15 cm, holes on the blade, stainless steel blade with saw, round board in pine wood, diameter: 25 cm , thickness: 2 cm, possibility to personalize knife and board, individual shrink wrap, bulkpack

  • 0530232 Round cheese board with dome

    Round cheese board with dome, in pine wood, diameter: 16,5 cm,  transparent methacrylate dome, height: 7 cm, presented in individual shrink wrap, bulkpack, possibility to personalize boards.

  • 0513213 Cheese slicer with...

    Cheese slicer with guillotine, in wood, for use with the cheese knife 2 handles (Ref. 513251), basis diameter: 24 cm, height with the assembled supports: 25 cm

  • 784200650 Cheese board with 4...

    Rectangular cheese board with 4 accessories ( 1 knife, 1 fork and 2 spatulas), presentation in an individual box

  • DA2803030 Oval cheese board with knife

    Oval cheese board, with a knife for soft cheese (with holes) and a porcelain bowl for slices or cubes of cheese, presented in an individual case box

  • 245500130 Cheese board in slate with...

    Rectangular cheese board in slate with 2 accessories for cheese