Knives in skin pack
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  • 050502 Ham knife NOBLE, skin-pack

    Ham knife NOBLE model, wooden handle, blade: 25 cm, stainless steel, skin pack

  • 050602 Ham knife ALPINA, skin

    Ham knife ALPINA, blade: 28 cm, stainless steel, with kullenschliff, injected fiber handle with rivets, individual skin-pack

  • 050610 Basic ham knife

    Basic ham knife, blade: 22,5 cm, handle in injected PP black color, individual skin-pack

  • 050641 Injected ham knife, skin

    Injected ham knife, blade: 24 cm, stainless steel, handle: injected PP, black color, individual skin-pack

  • 050702 Ham Knife GERMANY skin

    Ham knife GERMANY, blade: 28 cm, stainless steel, handle: fiber with rivets, individual skin-pack

  • 050616 Chef knife 20 cm skin

    Chef knife, blade: 20 cm, stainless steel, handle:  injected PP, individual skin-pack

  • 2050609 Basic ham knife + sharpener...

    Basic ham knife, blade: 22,5 c; handle: injected PP; + sharpener steel:  29 cm, handle: fiber with defense and ring, skin-pack.

  • 2050641 Injected ham knife +...

    Injected ham knife, blade in stainless steel, 24 cm. with kullenschliff, handle in plastic, injected PP+ Sharpener steel: 29 cm, handle in  plastic with protection and ring, presented in skin-pack. 

  • 2050603 Ham holder ALPINA +...

    Ham holder ALPINA, blade in stainless steel with kullenschliff, 28 cm, handle: fiber with rivets + Sharpener steel: length: 30,5 cm. handle in fiber, ring, presented in skin pack

  • 2050702 Ham knife GERMANY +...

    Ham knife GERMANY, blade in stainless steel: 28 cm, handle: fiber with rivets + sharpener steel: 30,5 cm length with a handle in fiber and ring.

  • 2050502 Ham knife, NOBLE model+...

    Ham knife, NOBLE model, blade in stainless steel, 25 cm, handle in wood, economic, with rivets + Sharpener steel: total length 29,6 cm, handle in wood with protection, presented in skin-pack.

  • 2050640 CUCHILLO JAMONERO Y...

    Injected ham knife, blade: stainless steel with kullenschliff, length 24 cm, handle: injected PP in black colour + Kitchen knife, blade: stainless steel, length: 20 cm, injected PP in black colour, presented in skin pack.